Don't Give Up 5 Minutes Before The Miracle

What a lovely time I had back in Devon! I still ran, gymed, and surfed! Check out that huge surf wound on my hip!

Reflective running today. No pressure and just run to relax and unwind. Still a relatively good time.
No pain in my knee for the first time in months. All the cross training is doing the world of good (even if straying from my running nearly killed me).
Its good to be pavement and park pounding properly again.

Abs! Reveal yourself!! No? Shy? Okay, time to work harder. No pain, no gain.

Abs! Reveal yourself!! No? Shy? Okay, time to work harder. No pain, no gain.

Feeling proud.

One of my best friends is on her own fitness journey and is doing SO well. 

I’m sure she won’t mind me saying (and she will be the first to tell you) that she is usually the least motivated person when it comes to keeping up with fitness and (shudders at the word) dieting. All starts with great intention but keeping it up and not giving into the temptation of naughty foods and drink all gets a little bit too much (happens to the best of us us right?).

Well, not this time! She is more self-motivated and determined than ever before and is making fantastic progress. 

So Linz, i’m so proud of you… keep it up and can’t wait to go for that little beach side run with you next Friday. xoxo

So, trying out some new products today!

So for breakfast I had Rolled Oats with honey to sweeten with a spoonful (30g) of Milled flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds and goji berries- ABSOLUTELY delicious and have been feeling full right up until lunch. 

I am due my workout shortly and have just had my protein shake. I am using Pulsin Soya Protein (unflavoured), almond milk and water with a teaspoon of cocoa powder. So far so good with the Soya Protein. No gurgle tummy like I usually get within a few mins of using Whey Protein.

Time for a workout!